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Organizations having global development centers always face the problem of having a technical project manager near offshore team. Having a technical project manager near the offshore team helps organizations keep projects on track. Like a Business Analyst works with customers to understand requirements a technical project manager helps the development team to translate it into technical requirements.

Key roles of Global Delivery Center

Innovative Technology Team

  1. A detail-oriented working style
  2. The ability to learn from experience and from informal/formal instruction
  3. The ability to think logically and creatively
  4. The ability to apply knowledge to new situations
  5. The ability to effectively prioritize tasks
  6. The ability and willingness to communicate
  7. The willingness to share knowledge with team members, superiors, and users
  8. Self-discipline
  9. Respect for all users, team members, and superiors—even when it's not reciprocated
  10. Dedication and commitment to problem resolution
  11. A humble attitude about knowledge limitations

Engagement Manager

  1. Establish processes to support an engagement, including project calendar and defining deliverable and reporting procedures.
  2. Participate in operational processes related to specific engagements, including staffing, utilization management, forecasting, time and expense management, and billing.
  3. Effectively write, deliver and negotiate Statements of Work and Change Orders based on project requirements.
  4. Validate scope, conducting project kickoff and hold discussions with stakeholders.
  5. Conduct weekly and monthly status reports internally and to the client as needed; at key project milestones and provide project status reports on the effectiveness of the engagement against the baseline plan.
  6. Review, monitor, manage and approve consultant and partner billable hours and expenses on a weekly basis.
  7. Define in advance and secure sign-off on the acceptance criteria for project deliverables, work with the team to establish delivery dates for and oversee the review of client deliverables to ensure they meet all client acceptance criteria.
  8. Provide technical oversight for projects and provide Project Management expertise where required
  9. Coordinate internal team member activities so that their deliverables are seamlessly integrated and delivered on a timely basis.

Offshore Technology Delivery Manager

  1. Strong technology background
  2. Strong estimation and budget scoping skills
  3. Experience in Agile Project Management methodologies
  4. Familiarity with structured programme and project management environments
  5. Experience delivering digital services
  6. Experience in open source and cloud technologies and their sourcing
  7. Good communication skills
  8. Strong organisational and communication skills
  9. Collaborative approach to working
  10. Good at prioritising time-critical work
  11. An understanding of the wider digital landscape

Subject Matter Expert

  1. A SME defines how tasks are to be performed because he/she knows the “right” or “best” way to perform them.
  2. A SME correctly determines what levels of performance are acceptable and can identify and clearly describe performance objectives.
  3. A SME knows the order in which successful performance steps are to be performed, and may have made recommendations for improvement that have been adopted.
  4. A SME has a high degree of familiarity with the technical jargon in his/her area of expertise.
  5. For work that is less about performing tasks and more about mastering knowledge required to make effective decisions or to prioritize and assign work to teams, a SME is very familiar with the requisite knowledge that underlies effective decision-making.
  6. A SME can produce many cases that illustrate good versus poor decisions in his/her area of expertise.
  7. A SME may have written an article or paper that has been published in an industry magazine or journal.
  8. A SME is often the “go to” person within a department or function – the person everyone goes to when they have a question about the domain in which they work, or a problem they are struggling to solve.