What do you need a Project Manager or a Product Manager

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What do you need a Project Manager or a Product Manager

August 21, 2016 Product Management Project Management Project Team Start-up 0
This is hard to decide between project manager or a product manager. Yes, business across the globe knows about this, but they are confused between project team and product team and thus look for project team and not a product team. Below is how you identify what you need, project team or a product team. Share your views about this in the comments section below.

Project Team

1. Thinks as COO of the project.
2. Thinks of "How" and "When"
3. Focus on Employee, Resources, Time, Scope and Cost
4. Drives Structure in organizations
5. Manages the project
6. Creates the project plan, including deadlines
7. Follow up with product manager, developers, QA and get things done
8. Makes sure the team has the required infrastructure to get the job done
9. Participates in group discussions on a regular basis to facilitate cross-team interaction
10. If needed, also does efficient resource planning among various projects
11. May influence product management depending upon resource availability
12. Does not give any (or less) inputs on product management
13. Project managers are evaluated on the success of the team in meeting its commitments around deadline and budget.
14. A project manager is successful if the product is successfully delivered.

Product Manager

1. Acts as the CEO of product
2. Product managers own "What" and "Why"
3. Focus is on Customers, Markets, Trends, Revenue, NPS
4. Drives creativity in the organisation
5. Does a market research
6. Develops a list of feature set for product.
7. Creates the product flow
8. Manages the product road map
9. Develops use cases
10. Manages the issue list and may decide which one should be fixed first
11. Understands business as well as user experience of the product
12. Can influence a product, shipping date, depending on Market / Business needs
13. Product managers are evaluated on the success of the product itself (KPI, Sales, etc.)
14. A product manager is successful if the customer is buying and using the product

Studying various case studies and development we did, we see businesses looking for both kind of skills in a single manager. Let us know what you need and we will be happy to assist you.

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